From the beginning, we decided that all Phoenix consoles would reflect the pleasing proportions of many of our beloved North American pipe organ builders. Consoles are built by craftsmen with years of experience in the manufacture of pipe and electronic organs. Unlike many companies, which utilize MDF (medium density fibre) in the console construction, we use only the finest selected North American hardwoods and hardwood veneer-core for strength. We expect that when you sit at a Phoenix console, whether lighted stop tablet or drawstop, you feel you are playing a good pipe organ, plain and simple.

The finest console hardware from pipe organ suppliers in the US and UK is used in all Phoenix Organs. Professional audio equipment is from some of the finest companies such as Yamaha, Crown, Furman and Lexicon.

While there is no doubt that it takes craftsmanship to build a fine pipe organ, the building of a fine non-winded organ requires the same quality and artistic ability. That ability does not come without years of accumulated knowledge and experience. It also takes the God-given talent of a very good ear. Phoenix' Tonal Director, Donald Anderson, has been heralded on both sides of the Atlantic for producing incredible pipe samples used in Phoenix Organs. The vehicle by which those fine pipe samples are heard was the brain-child of Phoenix' developer and director, David Bostock, in England.

While other companies only scratch the surface with the available technology, the Phoenix system takes pipeless organ sound to a new dimension and is the most flexible on the market today.

Crafted with Integrity and Uncommon Care.