Most speaker systems used with Phoenix Organs in North America are designed and built in Canada by Phoenix Organs. Hundreds of our speakers have been installed all over Great Britain, Canada and the U.S.A. and have even been in use in some major well-known cathedrals in England. As early as 1986 when sample-playback systems were first being used in church organs, development started on our speaker systems specifically for sampled organs. As sample resolution has improved organ speaker designs have had to change to provide the clearest, most exact replication of organ pipe sound.

Regular stereo speakers are not designed to "produce" organ and orchestral sound but to "reproduce" it. Real organ speakers are built to produce the loud, raw organ pipe tones that are far different to the overall tones picked up by delicate microphones when recording a whole organ. Indeed, the levels of 8',16' and 32' tone necessary for a good church installation are too much for even the best off-the-shelf stereo speakers to handle. Custom wood finishes and grill colours are readily available for any individual organ installation.

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