Digital Stop Additions For Pipe Organs

Phoenix sampled digital stops may be added to any pipe organ with amazing end results. Timing and speech of the digital stops can be adjusted to match the pipes of the same division and, with the Phoenix voicing software, the digital stops can be regulated and tuned to do the job seamlessly. It is not uncommon for Phoenix personnel to be asked by organists "can you please go over all the stops and tell me which are digital and which are pipe?".

Adding digital ranks is a straightforward job for a pipe organ technician with some knowledge of electronics or an electronics technician. Any organ with electro-pneumatic or direct-electric action that uses standard 12-18VDC will operate the sampled stops. Tracker and tubular pneumatic pipe organs require the addition of electric key contacts.

Equipment used for digital stop additions includes the following: 1) the Phoenix system built into a black box, 2) power amplifier(s), 3) speakers. The size of the 'black box' is a little larger than a shoe box. A very common addition to a pipe organ is pedal stops including those of 32' pitch. Phoenix manufactures speakers for all organ applications and these vary in size and shape according to individual requirements.

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