Sound Generation

Phoenix Tonal Director, Donald Anderson,sampling Casavant pipe organ.

The sound generation process in a Phoenix Organ uses the sample replay technique. The starting point for any Phoenix organ stop is a perfect digital recording of a pipe organ rank or the notes of another acoustical musical instrument. The Phoenix organ system is designed and built solely for flawless operation of a pipe organ, an all-electronic organ, or a combination pipe/electronic organ. After an organ is built, Phoenix organ software is used to tailor the sampled sounds to an individual room so that the very best sound is made in the unique building acoustic. The results of adjustments to speaker configurations, volume levels, and tone are similar to what is done painstakingly by top pipe organ builders at great expense. We don't stop at just having high quality sound samples in our organs because years of experience have proven the importance of careful set-up and voicing techniques.

One of the key issues overcome with modern organ technology is the possibility of having countless numbers of sound sources and control of the allocation of the sound resources. In a Phoenix Organ, a separate, independent generating source is used for each note of each rank in the same manner as a good pipe organ. Phoenix uses no unification and no duplexing. No stops are borrowed so sound generators are not shared between stops and keyboards. Some organ companies in the marketplace do not stick to these high standards of organbuilding. At Phoenix, we only build 'straight' organs because we believe that it is important that our organs closely replicate only the best pipe organs.


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