Phoenix Phantom Sequencer

This MIDI sequencer is used to record and playback performances.

It is attached to a console at knee level using drawer slides.


Store up to 200,000 music files on a standard 2 GigaByte SD memory stick (included). Many complete hymn books can easily be recorded onto each memory stick and there is plenty of room for loads of preludes and postludes as well. This is not only useful for occasions when a real organist is unavailable, but organists find it most useful to critique their own playing, or for checking stop selections and balances from different locations in a church. Each performance is played back exactly as it was recorded including notes, tempo, stop changes, and expression pedal adjustments. Editing can be done by plugging the memory stick into a standard computer using the included USB adapter. Any standard Midi software may be used.

During playback by the Phoenix Phantom, all tone and volume adjustments can be made at the organ console just like an organist does while playing, plus changes in tempo (speed) and transposition can be made on the Phoenix Phantom control panel.

Price: $675.00 including installation hardware.

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