The Phoenix Story

Phoenix Organs North American manufacturers James (left) and Donald Anderson.

During the closing years of the 20th century in Great Britain, a chance encounter happened between two engineers who were also organists. For years, both had been searching for an electronic organ that sounded like a pipe organ. Neither had succeeded despite long treks to search out exaggerated claims by some manufacturers. 

The engineers had come to the conclusion that sampling technology had the greatest capability of producing exact pipe organ tone but that its current users were only scratching the surface with the available technology. Starting with a blank sheet of paper, they designed a new system that would not only be used for electronic organs, but also for controlling pipe organs of any size. Phoenix Organs was born. 

Phoenix North American Tonal Director Donald Anderson (seated) with Phoenix founder and designer, Dave Bostock at the Liverpool Cathedral Phoenix Organ.

The result of this development takes pipeless organ sound to a new dimension and it is the most flexible in the marketplace today for controlling pipe and electronic organs. The on-site voicing tools allow the voicer to independently voice and regulate every note of every sampled stop. Real time calculations, performed hundreds of times per second give a level of realism that people could only dream about a few years ago. Configuring an organ console or pipe control system is also done easily with the Phoenix easy-to-use configuration software program which makes it ideal for pipe organ technicians.

One of the founders of Phoenix Organs is Stephen Hamill of Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

Phoenix consoles are built in both Canada and the UK. Unlike most electronic organ companies which have large factories with assembly lines, Phoenix organs are hand-built in small workshops by careful craftsmen. It is reminiscent of a good pipe organ builder's shop. 

What is most important is that you either hear or play one of our organs - we are sure that you will not be disappointed. Please contact us to discuss this exciting product or to order a copy of our demonstration CD.

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