Erie, PA, USA
PT 243

This two manual, 43 stop Phoenix Organ replaces a badly deteriorated Moller pipe organ, most of which was not playing at all. The pipe organ was left in place and speakers were placed in the split chambers without disturbing the ranks of pipes.

As with all Phoenix Organs, it is ready to add pipes at any time, in the event that a future congregation wishes to resurrect the pipe organ. The organ includes the Phoenix Phantom Sequencer (built-in digital recorder play-back w/remote) and a Phoenix adjustable hydraulic bench.

At bottom right from left to right are Nels Sandberg, organ committee chairman, Donald Anderson, Phoenix Tonal Director, and Helen Osterberg, organist at Kingsley for 40 years.

"This is an amazing instrument and we look forward to celebrating its installation throughout the year."
--Rev. Jeff Bobin, Pastor 

"Also, thank all of the guys in the shop for their craftsmanship and creativity.  You met and exceeded all of our reasonable and unreasonable expectations. "
-- Nels Sandberg, Organ Committee Chairman

Crafted with Integrity and Uncommon Care.