Houston, Texas
PT 344 Terraced-Style Console


The cabinet of this organ is one of Phoenix new French tab style consoles. The stop tabs are across and above the Swell manual. It is well proportioned, with lattice-style music desk, Skinner-style key blocks, cherry and ebony keyboards, toe piston bolsters and the console can become 2 pieces for moving into tight entrances or upstairs.

It has 44 stops over three manuals, and four totally independent specifications. There are two audio channels for the mains, which include 2 AcoustiCubes and a floor-loaded, powered sub-woofer, and a surround system, which includes two satellite speakers and a floor-loaded, powered sub as well. The surround system is a Lexicon MX400 processor unit. Basically, both main and surround channels are bi-amped. The surround is completely adjustable from the LCD installed in the console.

Crafted with Integrity and Uncommon Care.