Peterborough, ON, Canada
Four Manual Pipe Hybrid


St. John’s, Peterborough is located in the vacation area of the Kawartha Lakes, in East-Central Ontario, Canada. This historic limestone church was built in 1835 and one of the earliest churches in the area.

Phoenix Organs replaced the three manual Casavant (1956)console with a rebuilt four manual Casavant console and many Phoenix sampled stops were added to the Warren and Casavant pipework.  The general English style of the organ was preserved but pedal and solo reed stops were added to round out the specification. In all, the organ has 73 stops over the four manuals.

Phoenix Organs installed new stop jambs, toe piston bolsters, thumb piston rails, coupler tab rail and all new drawknobs by Harris Precision, Peterson coupler tabs, Klann thumb pistons and Kimber-Allen toe pistons. The depth of the cabinet was skillfully reduced, the console refinished and Phoenix new opto contact system was installed on the existing, Casavant keyboards.

Incredibly, the four manual console keyboards had original ivory covered naturals that were in excellent condition, and the pedalboard was in similar condition. Phoenix Organs refinished the naturals with several coats of floor urethane.

Phoenix Organ's pipe control system and thermal auto tuner were installed in the pipe chamber along with Model 151600 sub-woofer for the 32’ stops.

Pictured at top right is Phoenix’ Donald Anderson at the new four manual console. The middle pic shows the single blue cable needed to connect the console to the pipe control system replacing the large bundle of green cables with the old system. At bottom, Phoenix' Mark Anderson wires the new Phoenix pipe drivers in very cramped quarters.    

Crafted with Integrity and Uncommon Care.