Natick, MA, USA
PT 344

"Astonishing! Simply astonishing!"
- Mark Hall

This 44 stop, three manual, custom built Phoenix Organ was installed at the residence of Mark Hall, near Boston.

It is a lighted stop tablet model featuring a cherry console, cherry and ebony tracker touch keyboards with solid cherry Skinner-style key blocks. It also has 4 complete specifications in the following order: Baroque, French, English Romantic and Orchestral/Organ.

Although the organ basically has 2 main audio channels, there is a Lexicon surround system with two audio channels. The system has two active sub-woofers as well. The resulting ensemble and breadth of sound is very impressive, and the sound field is controlled from the consoles LCD.

Mr. Hall is President and CEO of the CIO Executive Council, a global professional association for chief information officers. His full comments about his new Phoenix Organ follows:

"I have been waiting my entire adult life for an organ builder capable of combining the two worlds of fine console building and of state-of-the-art digital sampling technology to produce an instrument that fully met my artistic and musical demands as an organist—demands that are no doubt too high and too unrealistic. The promise has been out there for years, but I’d never seen it fully realized … that is until now!

What you have done is taken the FULL-tonal experience of some of the best pipe organs in Germany, France, England and North America and brought it into my home! This is nothing short of a miracle. Within minutes the fact that there were no pipes in my house was irrelevant. I was sitting before a pipe organ of incredible beauty and power - period - and this instrument was in my home. Astonishing!

The only thing I am sacrificing—which is hardly a sacrifice—is the hassle of pipe maintenance and tuning. That’s a hassle I can easily live without.

Far beyond the technical feat of making the instrument do what it’s supposed to do, your keen sense of artistry and your passion for organs and organ music are evident in every nook and cranny of the instrument. Congratulations for what you have accomplished! Keep doing what you're doing!"

Crafted with Integrity and Uncommon Care.