Stratford, ON, Canada
Four Manual Hybrid Organ


This is the first four manual console that Phoenix has built in North America. The pipe organ is primarily a Casavant built in the early 1900s but a great deal of tonal revision has been carried out over the years. The Pedal division was always very limited and actually consisted of only two extended ranks of pipes. The Choir division was also limited and to address these shortcomings Phoenix has added 14 sampled stops. The Pedal is now complete with Principal, Flute and Reed choruses including three 32' stops and the Choir boasts a loud and dazzling 8' Tuba, Clarinet, a Principal chorus, Gemshorn Celeste, and Larigot 1-1/3'. During the summer of 2006, while the new console was being built, the church floor was resurfaced with ceramic tile and the chancel area restructured (see pic at bottom right). Not only did this enhanced the visual aspect of the church but it transformed the acoustic into one that any organist and choir director would envy. The lucky Director of Music at St. James' is Tim Gilbert. Pipe organ tuner/technician is Don Pole of Pole and Kingham.

Please listen to this You Tube video of the organ and choir of St. James, Stratford.

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