Stony Lake, Ontario, Canada
PT 225

St. Peter's on-the-Rock is located on a small island on Stony Lake in the Vacation area of the Kawartha Lakes Tourist area, Ontario . The church is always well attended by cottagers, who travel by canoe or motor boat to the church from May to September. The building is very rustic, with pine floors, walls and ceiling, and windows all the way down the nave do not have glass, but large wooden flaps. The church is closed and unheated in the winter months. Phoenix Organs had to make sure the organ was rodent proof.

The new Phoenix Organ was taken to the island by a water taxi (seen at right). Dr. Giles Bryant, organist emeritus of St. James Cathedral, Toronto, was the organ consultant and played the dedication recital. Dr. Bryant is seen at right sitting at the new Phoenix.    

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