Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
PD 370

This organ boasts 70 stops over three manuals and 8 audio channels. All cherry and ebony keyboards are touch sensitive with the Choir manual also having after-touch. To the right of the Crescendo pedal is a sustain pedal for the piano stop.
Members of the church installed the custom speakers under Phoenix Organ’s direction, and renovations were made to the chancel area. The organ includes Antiphonal speakers and reverb/delay speakers to digitally enhance the acoustic.
Organist Russ Greene is a MIDI specialist who worked with Phoenix’ Donald Anderson in the organ design process.
Pictured at right are Gary Shingleton, Committee Chairman, and Russ Greene seated at the Phoenix Organ.
"Everyone was literally stunned by both the look and the craftsmanship evident in the console."
"First, let me say that the organ is glorious! Easily as good as my wildest dreams."
- Russ Greene, organist
St. Andrew's Anglican Church, Winnipeg

Crafted with Integrity and Uncommon Care.