Perth, Ontario, Canada
A Phoenix Pipe Organ Console Rebuild

The pipe organ at St. Paul's Church, Perth was originally built in 1939 by Casavant of St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada. In 1981 it was completely rebuilt and enlarged by Dubay Organs of Burlington, Ontario. This included a new three manual console which has been enlarged and updated by Phoenix Organs to make up the current instrument. This is the first organ to use the latest Phoenix digital pipe control system. The 2001 rebuild includes the addition of 27 new electronic stops, more couplers, new piston rails and MIDI. To accomodate these, new interior console parts of solid walnut were made and installed at the Phoenix shop in Peterborough, Canada.

The new floating Choir division consists of a double set of 16 digitally sampled stops which expand both the accompanimental and solo capabilties of this organ. By selecting the second specification, all digital stops of the organ change over to a different set of sounds which include orchestral samples. The Pedal department now has four 32' stops and a total of 5 reeds. This organ is particularly impressive for playing French Toccatas. A third voicing of the digital stops allows for a theatre organ sound.

Crafted with Integrity and Uncommon Care.