Phoenix PD367

Darrell Ackmann is an accomplished organist who previously owned a Rodgers organ. Not only was he astounded by the true pipe-like sound of Phoenix organs but he was very impressed with the Phoenix voicing software that would allow him to make his own detailed tonal adjustments by simply attaching a computer to the organ. For an organist who knows exactly what he wants, this is 'a dream-come-true'. Together with Phoenix representative David Simmons of Forbes & Associates, and Don Anderson of Phoenix America, Mr. Ackmann drew up a custom specification that would cover virtually all organ literature. The 3 manual drawknob console has custom wooden keyboards made in Germany and the console fits into casework crafted by David Simmons. The organ speakers are placed in a variety of locations within the casework to give the multi-dimensional sound of a large pipe organ. Pictured above are Darrell Ackmann (left) and David Simmons (right).

Crafted with Integrity and Uncommon Care.