Fayetteville, NC
Colonial PT 345

A colonial-style 3 manual, 45 stop Phoenix Organ installed at Galatia Presbyterian, in Fayetteville, replaced their old C3 Hammond.

The church is a venue for choir and orchestra concerts and the new organ will be a huge benefit to future development of that program.

JD Willis, organ committee chairperson, and the rest of his committee met Don Anderson in Mooresville, while Don was voicing the new Phoenix Organ at St. Therese. They were very impressed with the quality of sound and decided Phoenix would fit in very well with their music program.

Samples of the colonial white and mahogany colours found in the sanctuary were sent to Phoenix Organs in order that the console blended perfectly.  The men of the church ran the speaker cables and lifted speakers into the chambers on either side of the chancel and technician Douglas Taylor performed the wiring. Don Anderson, of Phoenix Organs voiced the 4 specifications on the instrument to the acoustics.

The speakers are Phoenix Organ's Model V515, bi-directional speakers which capture the dispersion found with pipes. The sub woofer, located on the chancel floor is wall-loaded and has a frequency response down to 16 Hz.

Being Presbyterian, of course, Bagpipes, found on the orchestral spec, will get lots of use at weddings, and other church calendar events.

Crafted with Integrity and Uncommon Care.