Lincoln, RI
Phoenix PD347

David Fellers, an architect by profession and plays a 3 manual Hook pipe organ in an Episcopal church near Boston. For his lovely home, in Lincoln, RI, Mr. Fellers has a custom Phoenix PD347 in dark walnut, pictured at right. The console and bench have recessed side panels and because the back of the console is exposed and is also paneled. This digital church organ has 47 stops, three manuals and 8 audio channels, with a Lexicon reverberation system.

The organ is primarily traditional English/American style with large English Cathedral-style drawknobs but the 2nd specification is totally French. With either specification the sound is glorious and could put many a pipe organ to shame. The 3rd specification is made up of a combination of French and English stops plus many orchestral samples.

Crafted with Integrity and Uncommon Care.