Zachary, Louisiana, USA
PD 359

Zachary, Louisiana is part of metropolitan Baton Rouge. For the newly renovated sanctuary, St. Patrick's chose a 3 manual Phoenix digital, 59 stop drawknob instrument with a Floating Antiphonal Division. DL Simmons and Company, the Phoenix representative for the South-East, installed the instrument and Phoenix Organ's Donald Anderson voiced it to the building's acoustics.

The console is placed at the rear of the Nave, with speakers located in the balcony, especially constructed for the speakers. The pic, at bottom right, shows the speakers prior to the speaker grill being constructed. Speakers include Phoenix AcoustiCubes and V515 models, using JBL 15" woofers, as well as Model 151600 for the ultra low frequencies.

The console was finished to match church furnishings. As with all Phoenix drawknob organs, the folding, acrylic, lighted music desk is placed inside the rolltop, there are Skinner-style key blocks, toe pistons are placed on toe sweeps, and, above all, the console is comfortable to play. The lay-out is as you would find on a pipe organ console. Any organist would feel right at home playing at a Phoenix console.

Crafted with Integrity and Uncommon Care.