Toronto, ON
PD 362

MCC, Toronto is a vibrant church, nestled in an older residential area called Riverdale. The sanctuary is typical of the old Methodist style with the wrap-around balcony and pipe chamber across the front with choir facing the congregation in front of the pipe chamber.

The church's music team is headed by well-known Toronto pianist Diane Leah, Music Director, and includes choir director Jeannie Wyse and organist Mark Guiler. The varied music program can be heard on their regular Sunday webcasts.

The aging Woodstock pipe organ was in need of major, expensive repairs, and, after a thorough study, the committee decided a Phoenix Organ would best fit their music program.

The 62 stop, 3 manual, drawknob instrument has octave couplers, cherry and ebony keyboards, 9 audio channels, Zimbelstern and Sforzando.  Phoenix Organ's Model V515 speaker systems were installed in the organ chamber and situated in such a manner as to produce a very satisfying sound.

The French reeds can be heard on this video of Donald Anderson while he was voicing the organ.  Please click on this link:  

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