Phoenix PT367

All Saints' Cathedral Parish is a lovely, stone church near O'Hare Airport and is the Cathedral of the Polish Catholic Church. Chris Waz is the organist. With the organ and main speakers installed in the rear balcony, it is a musical treat to listen to the the wonderful improvisations of Chris Waz on the new Phoenix Organ.

The instrument is 67 stops over three manuals and pedals with 8 audio channels. All 3 specifications of this organ were painstakingly chosen to give tremendous variety of organ tone in English/American, French and German styles. Along with the German stops, some orchestral wind instrument samples were added.

After the installation was completed, James and Donald Anderson were particularly delighted to listen to the Orchestral Brass stop shown off at its best by Chris Waz.

Seated at the console in the pic to the right is organist Chris Waz,. Standing at the balcony railing is Bob Maycan, Church Administrator, and Phoenix Tonal Director, Donald Anderson, to the left. 

Crafted with Integrity and Uncommon Care.