Caledon, Ontario
Hauptwerk System

Many Hauptwerk enthusiasts would rather have a company with the knowledge of console building and computers to provide them with a working organ instead of attempting the task themselves. For those with the ability to piece together an organ, figure out the necessary interfaces, as well as the computer and audio parts, it's a nice hobby, if you have the time and patience. For others, they want to simply start playing and have someone to stand behind the organ, if they should need the support. Phoenix understands that need and builds Hauptwerk and JOrgan systems into traditional, desk-style (as pictured at right) consoles, including touch screen, mechanical drawknob or lighted stop tab instruments. That's what we do-- build quality consoles using quality off-the-shelf parts. We will stain and finish the console to your sample at no extra charge . You can have engraved Klann thumb pistons, or reliable, yet inexpensive, unengraved pistons all tailored to your specs.

For Mr. McDonald's instrument we used the Mac Mini computer. We used Phoenix Organ's standard, well-built pedalboard with select Maple caps over Canadian Ash for naturals. Expression pedals have the proper drag and keyboards have a light, tracker touch action. The 17" touch screens are 3M industrial quality units framed in oak to match the rest of the console and mounted on articulated arms. The console is substantial in appearance with nice proportions.

Phoenix Organ's AcoustiCube speaker system provides a 360 degree dispersion and fills the room using reflective sound properties. The result is a full, rounded, unpressured sound, instead of a directional, pushed result found in stereo speakers.

At top right is Vern McDonald trying out the Hereford Cathedral sample set.

Crafted with Integrity and Uncommon Care.