Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Phoenix II TS 354

At right, is the newly-designed, desk-style, Phoenix II virtual organ console. The console has gotten away from the Allen key type furniture style, and now has a substantial look to it with better proportions. We also added toe piston bolsters to the console as an option, instead of mounting pistons on the knee panel. The 3M industrial touch screens are mounted on articulated arms so that the player can adjust them to his/her liking. Comfort is of prime importance to Phoenix Organs. Afterall, we build consoles. Of course, the pedalboards are the same high quality as those used on Phoenix Organ's, with the hall effect sensor contact system. 

As well, the JOrgan system, running on the latest Ubuntu (Linux), has been up-graded with new features, including octave couplers, new drawknob icons and some new Phoenix pipe samples.

The TS 354 model organ for David Viggars has three manuals and 54 stops, octave couplers with two specifications (English Romantic and German Baroque).  

Crafted with Integrity and Uncommon Care.