Toronto, Canada
PD 361

St. George's Anglican Church, North York, a borough of Toronto, is located  on Yonge Street. The sanctuary is a multi-purpose space with a good acoustic. Facilities in the new church are excellent, including underground parking for members of the congregation. The small chapel has high ceilings creating an amazing acoustic for music.

The 3 manual 62 stop drawknob organ has 16 audio channels with a lovely English Romantic first specification. Organist Michael Leach, pictured standing beside the organ, upon playing the instrument for the first time, commented "It sure has lots of muscle under the hood!!" The 16 audio channels with C-C# configuration creates a very fine ensemble sound.

In the picture at bottom right you can see the Phoenix AcoustiCube speakers hanging from the ceiling with the accompanying woofers forming crosses on the wall. With the Great and Swell at that height, the sound reflects off of the surfaces to create a pleasing, pipe-like result and a sound pressure level that does not vary in the whole space. The Choir and Upper Pedal Divisions are located above the sacristy and Lower Pedal subwoofer is wall-loaded, on the floor, in a corner.

Architects Langley-Davidson did a superb job on the project with particular attention to creating a good acoustic for church music. This is yet another Phoenix Organ that one should hear upon visiting Toronto.

Crafted with Integrity and Uncommon Care.