Toronto, ON
PT 357

The three manual, 57 stop Phoenix Organ for this Toronto church replaces a very limited pipe organ which was in need of major repairs. The new console stain colour matches the furnishings in the chancel.

Phoenix' AcoustiCube speakers were hung high at the rear of the chancel area creating a good spread of sound in this lovely acoustic. Unlike regular speakers AcoustiCubes have a 360 degree dispersion as with pipes.

The dollies allow the console to be relocated anywhere in the chancel or removed to the Nave floor for various events. Another feature is the Phoenix Phantom recorder with SD memory card.

The specifications are German Baroque, French Baroque, French Romantic and English Romantic. Donald Anderson, Phoenix Tonal Director and James Anderson, Phoenix Director of Sales and Marketing worked closely with organist Arthur Wenk and Committee Chairperson, Richard Patrick on the project.

Crafted with Integrity and Uncommon Care.