Toronto, ON
PT 347

Phoenix Organs installed a PT 347, a three manual, 47 stop organ, at St. Clement's Church, in west Toronto. The organ has lighted stop tablets in side jambs and four specifications--English, German Baroque, French and Organ/Orchestral. Other features include a hydraulic adjustable bench and a Phoenix Phantom recorder.

The acoustic at St. Clement's is very satisfying for an organist, making the French specification particularily exciting. Some of the stops for this spec were taken from the Cavaille Coll organ installed at Parr Hall, England.

The two Model 151600 sub-woofers, which handle frequencies down to 16 Hz, earthquake range, are located in two unused confessionals. Not to worry, though, there are still two confessionals left.

St. Michael's Cathedral, Toronto organist, William O'Meara, played the dedicatory recital in May.

Crafted with Integrity and Uncommon Care.