Toronto, ON, Canada

The commissioning of an organ by a Cathedral is cause for celebration for any organ company.  Phoenix Organs has built a custom instrument that people of various denominations and religions from around the world will hear upon a visit to this historic site in downtown Toronto. The renowned St. Michael's Choir School is next door to the Cathedral.

The project was a collaboration with Cathedral organist, William O'Meara (pictured at bottom right) working with Phoenix Tonal Director, Donald Anderson (centre right) on the specifications, and sound specialists G.H. Grassby and Associates.

The 3 manual, 68 stop organ boasts four specifications, English Romantic, Baroque, a stunning French organ and organ/orchestral. The keyboards, utilizing hall effect sensor contact system, are by Laukhuff of Germany. The Harris drawknobs are in Pau Ferro wood with domes inserts. A custom console and pedal board dollie was fabricated by Phoenix Organs and there is a Phoenix hydraulic adjustable bench.

The Phoenix console, located in the chancel, will also eventually switch to play the planned new pipe organ to be located in the balcony. Phoenix Organs will be collaborating with the pipe organ company to be named at a later date. 

Crafted with Integrity and Uncommon Care.