Cincinnati, OH, USA
PT 236 Casework Organ

At right is a picture of the Mooibroek residence organ. The main casework was built by Van den Heuval Pipe Organs, Holland, and Phoenix Organs built the pedalboard, knee panel, expression pedals, keyboards and internal woodwork around the keyboards, and supplied the electronics and pipe samples for the project. Mr. Mooibroek, who owned Heyligers Organs, assembled the system himself and then voiced it using the voicing software provided by Phoenix Organs. The outcome is this very impressive looking and sounding casework organ.

At bottom right, is a pic of Mr. Mooibroek choosing pipe samples at the Phoenix facility.

Please play the sound clips of this organ found at the bottom of this page.

The following is a letter from Dirk Mooibroek about his Phoenix Organ project:

I now have the pleasure of confirming my original excitement about Phoenix Organs.

Having built some 30 organs under ICMI-Heyligers name with ANALOG technology, and then having developed Digital sampled sounds for Pedal extensions 1985-2000, I would like to share with any of your prospective customers my experiences with Phoenix Organs. This organ is for our Florida Residence, which I co-developed with Phoenix Organs and voiced.

  1. The Phoenix System of electronics are superbly compact-integrated, and well designed. The modular component choices for amplifiers-speakers are the best available.
  2. The integration of Organist User friendly operating controls is both simple and comprehensive, ie. easy to operate and program.
  3. 4 specifications in one organ is almost too much to voice, when you think, my instrument has 36 x 4 = 144 stops to voice.
  4. The custom integration of my existing organ cabinet with new pedal board, knee panel, and keyboards/stop-jambs, were superbly crafted by the wood workers at Phoenix -Canada.
  5. Using my prior experiences in Amplification/ speaker applications for specific stops of any instrument, we deployed 12 audio channels, 4 per division in this compact 2 manual/36 stop, 8 foot tall 6 foot wide organ case, leaving the pedal stops out of the case. Don and I employed a configuration of C-C# amplifier/ speaker assignment, which created the best, most transparent Flues and reeds, and the resulting ensemble was wonderful. It is truly pipe-like, invigorating and astonishing for the musician at close range.
  6. The application of the reverb, coupled to and through all audio channels is brilliant, convincing, as well as highly rewarding for the organist in confined acoustic-less environments, providing exceptional acoustical ambience equal to a reverberant room.
  7. The potential for this technology to be retrofitted into existing organ consoles, casework etc. makes it the most cost-effective enhancement for music in any church/home.
  8. The potential for this technology to be integrated into pipe organs, would provide, both musically and financially, the greatest value for your investment in expanding the tonal resources, and grandeur of a pipe instrument.

In the year 2010, I know of no other musical instrument, which can provide such musical satisfaction, with better technical design and flexibility, at a very modest investment.
I know, for me, my 20 rank pipe organ, (see picture on the Phoenix website) is next to get a Phoenix Upgrade to enable it to transition into a worthy church somewhere. (16 H x12W x 9 ft deep)

Thanks, Jim-Don, for your co-planning and execution of my Grand- Florida Residence Phoenix Organ.

Dirk Mooibroek
Global Marketing
ICMI Inc., Cincinnati, OH

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