Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Retrofit to PT 243

This retrofit of a 1982 Conn organ took just three weeks from removal of the organ for the rebuild process at the Phoenix facility, to the installation of the new PT 243 Phoenix Organ. The organ now has 43 stops, two manuals, 4 specifications (for a total of 172 separate and independent samples) and the added feature of the Phoenix Phantom sequencer with SD Memory and remote control.

The organ was given new tracker touch keyboards, thumb pistons and rails, stop tabs and rail, interior side terraces, replaced the acoustic covered knee panel with a new walnut one, three expression pedals, new hall effect sensor contact system on pedal board, halogen pedal board light, 6 channels of Carvin power amplifiers, Lexicon MX 300 reverb, Furman Power Sequencer, the complete Phoenix system and speakers. A new lighting system was added to the music desk and repairs were done to the existing roll top.

Father Drago Gacnik, an organist himself, had stated that the old organ sound system had created problems for parishioners, in that the speakers were too loud for some and not loud enough for others, depending on where you were seated in the Nave. The new Phoenix speakers were located high above the altar, speaking down the Nave, covering the entire space with an even SPL (sound pressure level). The Model 151600 sub-woofer is wall-loaded and located out-of-sight in a corner.

The acoustic in this building is wonderful for music, making the organ a treat to play and hear. The French spec is exciting and really works well in this type of acoustic.

Just as Don, Phoenix Tonal Director, completed the voicing, a parishioner and his son arrived to hear the new organ. Don whipped through some various stops, including trumpets, oboes, timpani and cymbal crashes, and the parishioner repeatedly uttered in amazement, "no way!" The young son immediately went to the organ bench and had a big smile on his face. No doubt, this young person was immediately won over to the sounds coming from what was at first thought of as 'just another church organ.'

Father Drago would like to add some ranks of pipes to the instrument in the future. Of course, all Phoenix Organs are ready to add pipes at any time.

At right, are Father Drago and Don Anderson. Bottom right shows Don at the organ. Great knees after all of those years of crawling around in cramped pipe chambers!

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