Crozet, Virginia, USA
PT 237

"I am simply amazed at the sound and quality of the new instrument. I especially like the French stops. It really sounds like a big romantic organ in Paris somewhere. The balance with the pedal organ is particularly good. You don't get that feeling of muddiness when you bring on more ranks that you do in a lot of digital organs. It's really an impressive sound, and we could never have afforded such an installation if it hadn't been for you, so bravi infinite et merci infiniment! " -- Dr. Donald Rierson, Director of Music, Tabor Presbyterian Church.
Tabor Presbyterian, Crozet, Virginia, is located near Harrisonburg, and close to the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

The 2 manual, 37 stop organ has 4 specifications and a piston sequencer. The 2.1 audio system creates a full sound and Phoenix' VA rep, Dan Smith, installed the speakers behind the chancel arch using reflective sound. 

Organist Don Rierson is Director of James Madison University Opera Theatre. 

Crafted with Integrity and Uncommon Care.