Midland, Ontario, Canada
PD 470 Hybrid

Phoenix Organs and Mead Pipe Organ Service installed a 4 manual, 70 stop hybrid organ at St. Paul's. The organ has 23 pipe stops and 47 Phoenix sampled stops, as well as a new 4 manual Phoenix console with walnut interior, pictured at top right. The pipe ranks are from a 1960's vintage Hallman Organ originally from All Saint's Kingsway, Toronto. Phoenix Organs actually recorded each pipe of that organ before it was dismantled in 2009.

At bottom right is a pic of the newly renovated platform area. The organ chamber was moved to the centre-back of the platform. The original pipe chamber was very small and the organ buried. The new, larger instrument speaks well into the body of the church  The new space will benefit the many concerts held in the church.

The organ has a wonderful blend of pipes and sampled stops producing a silvery sound with thrilling Swell Reeds.  Andrew Mead, pictured at centre right, who installed and voiced the pipe organ, was extremely pleased with the total result.

The facade pipes were in need of repair and refinishing, so the church had them done by a custom auto body shop. There is no doubt this shop did an outstanding job.

The church members at St. Paul's were heavily involved in the whole project and did a great deal of work moving the pipes and chests, and in the renovating of the church. 

Crafted with Integrity and Uncommon Care.