Camarillo, CA, USA
Retrofit of Rodgers Console

Mr. Regalia had a Rodgers 32B console in very good condition (see pic of console prior to retrofit at top right). The technology was analogue, and while good for that time, is considered out-dated. Instead of simply selling the older organ and replacing it with a completely new one, he had it shipped to Phoenix Organs to be rebuilt with the Phoenix system. The organ now has 4 custom specifications with hi-resolution pipe samples, new tracker touch, wood-core keyboards, pedalboard fitted with new Phoenix hall effect sensor contact system, full compliment of thumb and toe pistons, 8 channels of Carvin power ampifiers, Phoenix Phantom Sequencer and Lexicon reverb system.

The pic at center right shows the organ in the process of being retrofitted, and finally, the bottom pic of the new organ, in place, at the Regalia residence.

"I have had many, many enjoyable hours getting acquainted with this instrument and loving every moment. Two people at church have heard it so far and are astounded at the sound."
–Stuart Regalia

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